About us – Alaq Online

The Alq platform to teach the Arabic language is distinguished by the presence of a group of trainers who have international degrees from universities of high global rank, who will be with you from the beginning until the graduation certificate

An academic team specialized in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and using the latest methods and theories in teaching the second language, and we rely on the “Arabic Key” series, which is characterized as scientific, flexible and modern

Our classes will be available to learners anywhere in the world in a way that suits their circumstances, our educational team and our academic plan, including language assignments, enrichment activities and evaluation tests that will enable the learner to master Arabic with ease and ease. Our ambition is leadership in teaching Arabic language and providing integrated solutions for everyone who wants to learn and master it through our distinguished educational model.

Words from our students

The mission of Alaq Center is to broaden your knowledge base and develop your skills

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